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Noctua NC - U6 Chipset Cooler

Author:  Artiom Bell
Date:  2008.09.09
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Noctua
Manufacturer:  Noctua

Noctua NC - U6 Chipset Cooler

Noctua NC - U6 Chipset Cooler

Noctua NC - U6 Chipset Cooler


When the subject of cooling comes up, most people consider the CPU to be the only part of the system that would need additional cooling. In a way, that is correct, the CPU is the heart of the system and does deserve the attention. There are, however, other understated components of a computer that also might need additional cooling. This brings me to what is probably the most underestimated component of a system in terms of cooling, the North Bridge Chipset. Noctua decided to address this all important temperature issue by releasing their NC - U6 Chipset Cooler. Lets see how this cooler actually performs...


  • 2 Dual-Heatpipes for optimal heat absorption - Using 2 u-shaped Dual-Heat-Pipes, the NC-U6 has sufficient capacity to reliably dissipate even the heat generated by overclocked high-end chipsets.
  • 29 Aluminum cooling fins for optimal heat dissipation - Thanks to a surface area of more than 500cm², the cooling fins dissipate the heat extremely fast - without the need of an additional fan!
  • Soldered joints for optimal heat-transfer - Unlike many other coolers, whose heat pipes are stuck to the base and the fins, the NC-U6 possesses high-grade soldered joints to ensure optimal heat transfer.
  • Easy installation on Intel and AMD mainboards - The NC-U6 comes with mounting parts for Intel and AMD mainboards and uses the existing fastening hooks or push-pin mounting holes.
  • Can be turned by up to 120° for maximum compatibility - In order to achieve maximum compatibility with mainboards, VGA cards and CPU coolers, the NC-U6 can be turned by up to 120°


85 mm
70 mm
Depth (Cooling Fins)
23.5 mm
Depth (socket)
130 g
  • Copper (Base and Heat-pipes)
  • Aluminum (cooling fins)
  • Soldered joints
Mounting System
Push-Pins & Mounting-Hooks
Scope of Delivery
  • NC - U6
  • Mounting Parts
  • Thermal Paste
  • Installation Manual
6 Years

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