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Nexus Hush Kit

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2008.03.10
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Nexus
Manufacturer:  Nexus

Nexus Hush Kit

Dimm Coolers

Next item being the heat pipe DIMM coolers to take a close look at. The concept of heat pipe engineering is not a new idea but the concept of using it to keep the DIMMs a few degrees cooler is very novel. The heat-pipe concept doesn’t use any fans or powered device to run them, there is no noise. The one draw back we had was the heat sinks stuck up above the DIMM which got into the back of the DVD-ROM drive cables in a mid size case. Of course the Full size case which pushes the ROM drive further away from the motherboard gaving us plenty of room to breath. Also Nexus sells the coolers in several different coolers, for those of you who are working on a theme case. We also noticed that the upper part of the heat pipe cooler was straight up from the DIMM which after looking closer at the air flow through the average case being air pulled though the front and blown out the back we thought that turning the top part of the heat pipe 90 degrees to allow air to pass over the heat pipe veins rather than right into the one and going around it and then into the second one. This seemed to be more of a wall by which cool air would just slam into on side of the one DIMM cooler and starving the second cooler of cool air. Though most gamers have so much air flow in their gaming PC that this change of design woudn't make too much of a difference.

Hard Drive Mount Kit

The hard drive mount kit is an interesting concept. The two brackets are designed to hold up to two hard disks in two 5 ¼ drive bays. There are two rubber stand-offs which dampen the vibration caused by the drives spinning. The idea of suspending hard drives which very interesting as dealing with computer hardware for more then 15 years, this reviewer has never noticed hard drive spin as causing much noise at all. One would hear the drive head screaming across the platters of a highly fragmented hard drive more then an spin of the platter. There may be a case which the hard drive may not be mounted with four screws and is simply resting on the case rails which may produce a faint humming sound, but nothing one would lose sleep over.

Northbridge Cooler with Heat Pipe Technology

Northbridge Cooler (NHP-2200) is something PC users more often then not dismiss since the usual north bridge cooler from the factory is usually small and air passively air cooled. Putting a cooler that will assist with keeping the chip a few degrees cooler is always a great way to get a few more performance points out of your rig for just a few bucks. The location of the NorthBridge usually doesn’t allow the use of any size of heat sink other than stock due its location between a videocard and the CPU's heat sink, so keep this in mind when your looking for the right cooler for your rig. This cooler from Nexus is designed with the heat pipe technology and does not require to be plugged into any power source to work. TWL highly reccomends this product for those rigs that have room for it. Test showed that the Nexus cooler did keep our North Bridge chip 8 ~ 10 degrees cooler then the stock cooler. Performance within games was noticed, but did not reflect the difference in the benchmark numbers.

Lets take a look at those fans and wrap this up.

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