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Mio DigiWalker C520 Portable GPS

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2008.12.09
Topic:  Miscellaneous
Provider:  Mio
Manufacturer:  Mio



If you travel or drive quite a bit then a GPS is a must. It is quite simply one of the greatest advancements in getting from one place to another since the airplane. GPS makes it possible for you to know precisely where you and more importantly, how to get where your going. Original GPS devices simply provided location and rough directions. The latest generation of GPS devices cross several product ranges and are capable of voice directions, media playback, and much much more. What will the Mio C520 do for you? Read on to find out.

Mio's Take:

Directions. Connections. Perfection.

With a 4.3 inch screen, the Mio DigiWalker™ C520 is putting a new face on GPS navigation - and a new voice. Featuring a widescreen interface for a great look, the C520 reads aloud actual street names with Text-to-Speech as you drive. Preloaded maps, Bluetooth, optional TMC (U.S. only), and a digital media player make the C520 a powerful addition to the Mio DigiWalker™ family.

A Closer Look:

The C520 is aimed at the budget minded traveler with a need to know where they are. As a GPS device is has all the usual features, overhead (as well as several other) map views, plotting travel directions, speed and heading, and audio travel directions in a turn by turn basis. The additional features of the C520 range from its multimedia abilities and bluetooth connectivity to its built in SD card reader which allows the user to do some very "interesting" things as we shall later cover.

The C520 is based on a Windows CE Core 5.0 platform which may give some of you a clue as to its hidden potential. The C520 can be updated through a USB connection to a PC or Via the SD card slot which gives the user the ability to download updated maps as well as additional languages and operating system patches.

Now lets talk about usability.


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