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Abit AN78GS Motherboard

Author:  Justin Washick
Date:  2008.09.26
Topic:  Motherboards
Provider:  Abit
Manufacturer:  Abit

Abit AN78GS Motherboard

Abit logo

Abit AN78GS


Continuing a tradition of quality computer circuit boards, Abit introduces the AN78GS, a motherboard that should support everything that the majority of computer users will ever need. It supports AMD Phenom (AM2/AM2+ socket) processors and it is capable of supporting more hard drives than most would need, enough PCI slots for all necessary peripherals, as well as an ATA-100 connector and a connector for a floppy drive, of which you may have read about in your history books.


Abit AN78GS Abit AN78GS
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The packaging is that which you can normally expect when unpacking your shiny new motherboard. It is without cushioning but snug, with the contents organized to avoid a lot of movement during shipping. The box itself presents attractive artwork that could easily catch a consumer's eye while sitting on the shelf.

Abit AN78GS packaging Abit AN78GS packaging
Contents Motherboard Unveiled
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Included with the motherboard are a driver CD, two SATA cables, a power adapter to convert a Molex style connector to a SATA power plug, an IDE cable, case plate, and the standard manual. The power adapter and IDE cable are pleasant to see included, only because there is a lot of legacy equipment that continues to be serviceable, such as my IDE-based optical drive.


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