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Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2009.02.12
Topic:  Motherboards
Provider:  Gigabyte
Manufacturer:  Gigabyte

Gigabyte Logo

Analysis and Conclusion:

During Computex 2008 we previewed the full lineup of Gigabyte's P45 chipset enabled motherboards...and there were quite a few. The Extreme is obviously targeted towards the enthusiast and overclockers crowd and we feel it hits the mark perfectly. The GA-EP45T-Extreme delivers not only on the promised performance but it does so without breaking the bank. We know that there are still many consumers with 775 processors out there that don't have the cash to make the leap to the new i7's. The EP45T-Extreme offers a cost conscious method of upgrading your machine while being able to re-use many components from your existing system. Those consumers without existing components are still in luck due to the relatively low price point on currently available 775 processors. The EP45T-Extreme offers support for all 775's as well as offering the increased bandwidth and performance of DDR3.

On the cooling end of the spectrum the EP45T-Extreme offers lower power consumption due to the 65nm nature of the P45 chipset and thanks to its copper clad cooling system and integrated waterblock it will remain one of the best implimentations of motherboard cooling we have seen to date. When compared to other motherboards with less elaborate cooling systems the EP45T-Extreme not only offers the competitive edge in overclocking but also most probably longevity due to cooler running temperatures.

When compared to other P45, X38, and X58 motherboards the GA-EP45T-Extreme is the slowest in performance but also one of the cheaper in the lineup. As consumers should also be cost conscious about the total cost of the system when putting together their shopping list the EP45T-Extreme represents a great value due to its use of 775 processors and its extensive feature list. Overall we were less impressed by the performance of the system and more impressed by its stability, ease of use, first power on working state, and amazing cooling system.

We highly recommend the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme to any consumer seeking to stay within the 775 processor line and still achieve good performance and excellent tweakability.


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