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Netbook Buying Guide

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2008.11.25
Topic:  Notebooks
Provider:  Killer Notebooks
Manufacturer:  Killer Notebooks

Netbook Buying Guide


With the low price and ultra portability of the newest generation and type of laptop called netbooks it is easy to see why they have become so popular. As such every manufacturer seems to be entering this market which has led to an amazing amount of choices. Netbooks themselves come in a wide range of features and prices so we have created this buyers guide to assist you in making a selection to meet your personal needs. To do so we have created a list of questions and features for you to choose from which will help you focus on which netbooks most closely match your needs and budget.

Current generation netbooks have feature sets that compete very well with full sized laptops. Netbooks can come equipped with just as much storage, high speed wireless, biometrics, a webcam, USB 2.0, bluetooth, HDMI, and much more. So really it becomes a question of how much do you want to spend and what size/weight notebook are you preferable to?

So what is the real difference between a netbook and a notebook? Take a look:

Thanks to Michael Lynch and Matthew Homan for the demonstration.

Which laptop do you want to carry through three airports or take on a trip?

Important Features:

A Word on Warrenties:

It still amazes me how often I am asked if getting a warrenty for a netbook is a good idea. If you are purchasing on the low end of the scale ~$200 to $400 a warrenty for your netbook may be a waste of cash. Typically netbooks come with a 1 year warrenty, the exception being the Asus N10 which has bumper to bumper accidental damage coverage of 2 years for simply filling out a registration card. A warrenty can cost you as much as 1/2 the price of the netbook or more which considering the replacement cost for a NEW netbook which will probably perform better you may be better served saving your cash towards the replacement. If your netbook dies within the first year it is more than likely covered by the standard warrenty after which if it dies your worst loss is probably the data which most companies dont cover. Save your self the money and buy a large USB drive and store your data on it instead.






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