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AMD Phenom 9950 X4 Quad-Core Processor

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.07.03
Topic:  Processors
Provider:  AMD
Manufacturer:  AMD

AMD Phenom 9950 X4 Quad-Core Processor

AMD Phenom

CPU-Z v1.45:

Shown below are several screen shots taken from CPU-Z, in which it properly displays all of the default settings of the new AMD Phenom 9950. You will notice that the speed 2600Mhz is formed by having a Core Speed (FSB) of 200MHz and a Multiplier of 13x, 13x200=2600, which is all achieved by powering the CPU with 1.3V. You may also notice that the AMD Phenom X4 9950 falls under the Code Name Agena, like most other Phenom X4 processors. The processor is Socket AM2+, uses the 65nm technology, and has the DR-B3 revision. By looking more closely at the screen shots below you will find out most everything you would like to know about this processor.

AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z
AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z



Being part of the Black Edition family, the AMD Phenom X4 9950 has an unlocked multiplier and FSB, which will allow the user to achieve an overclock. For those readers who may not know what overclocking is, it is basically tricking your CPU to think that it is faster and then will try and perform at those speeds. Overclocking is dangerous for the particular hardware which you are overclocking, whether it be your CPU, GPU, or memory. Before you overclock you should read all of the specifications about the hardware, just to know what limitations it may have. For instance, with this processor, the nominal voltage is 1.05-1.3V, default multiplier is 13, default core speeds is 200MHz, and the MAX temp is 61 degrees Celsius. These figures are important to know so that I wont over heat the processor or give it too much voltage.

AMD Phenom 9950 Overclock

After a little while trying to find a stable overclock, i settled with 3.0GHz. This was achieved by simply increasing the multiplier to 15x, leaving the FSB at 200MHz, and slightly increasing the voltage. I was able to get the system to boot at 3.3GHz and it remained stable under the Orthos Stress test, just when i tried to run 3DMark06 it crashed, this seems as if its being under powered, but i didn't want to increase the voltage past 1.37V. At 3.0GHz, the temperature peaked at 56 degrees Celsius. Below you can see the screen shots from CPU-Z of the overclocked processor.

AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z
AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z AMD Phenom 9950 CPU-Z

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