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AMD Sempron 2800+ & 3100+

Review by Jason Jacobs & Matthew Homan on 7/28/04
Test System provided by AMD


AMD Sempron Conclusions

We would like to have seen slightly higher benchmarks from the Sempron Socket A, because we feel the numbers shown do not represent the true performance abilities of the chip, as demonstrated by its Windows performance. This budget consumer chip will only be on the scene for a relatively short time, while AMD transitions its processor line to 754, 939 and 940 sockets. With that being said, the Sempron Socket A is a phenomenal value for the money. A money-minded consumer should definitely take a serious look at the Sempron, if they are considering building a budget machine for casual computing, office applications, or web surfing. The gaming community should still consider the fact that the full AMD64 Socket 754 or AMD64 Socket 939 are the current performance leaders in this arena.

The Sempron 3100+ Socket 754 truly represents where AMD is leading the budget processor market in the future. AMD has provided an unbeatable price/performance ratio with the 3100+. TWL was able to overclock the 3100+ to a stable 2160mhz, which shows that this CPU can, and will, be overclocked. Running at a default 1.4vcore, this CPU has a lot of room to grow. At stock speeds, the 3100+ is a budget consumer processor that can compete with the Pentium 4, at a price that can't be touched for its performance. The potential for the Socket 754 Sempron to be used as an inexpensive gateway to future 64-bit processor upgrades also provides an amazing opportunity to budget-minded enthusiasts.

AMD is releasing these processors well ahead of its scheduled release, which also says something about AMD's ability to meet market demand for a product as well as listening to its resellers and partner manufacturers. Several companies have launched products known to be "paper launches" in the past, but the Sempron comes out as a full-fledged product, with processors arriving to OEM's in China and overseas as you read this. The Sempron Socket A is an excellent choice for those seeking the best computing performance for the money, and those with a little extra cash would do well to check into the Sempron Socket 754 3100+.

TWL is happy to award our Recommended Product to the AMD Sempron.

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