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LukWerks WiLife Security System

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.08.18
Topic:  Security
Provider:  Logitech
Manufacturer:  Logitech

Logitech WiLife Security System

WiLife Digital Security System


Interested in getting a fully featured security system but don't want to pay over $300 for it? If so, then WiLife's Digital Video Security System might be worth a look.

One of the featured items at CES earlier this year, was the WiLife Security System. WiLife, a sub company of Logitech, now offers wireless security for your entire home. Featuring three different types of cameras each for different instances, these include your standard indoor camera, weather-proof outdoor camera, and even a spy camera found in an alarm clock. Now I'm sure most of you guys just got some wild ideas of what to do with that spy camera, I know I thought of a few. Read on to see how the WiLife truly performs.


WiLife's Take:

" The WiLife Indoor Security Camera Starter Kit includes all the components for a full-featured, single camera system with three mounting options. Each kit includes a smart Security Camera, powerful Software, and free Remote Viewing Technology. Built using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), WiLife automatically connects your cameras and PC. "

- WiLife

WiLife Digital Security System



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