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SuperTalent PicoDrive Gold

Author:  William Halstead
Date:  2008.11.25
Topic:  Storage
Provider:  Super Talent
Manufacturer:  Super Talent

SuperTalent PicoDrive Gold

SuperTalent Logo

Flash and Dazzle

SuperTalent is a company that is all about memory. From USB Flash and SSD drives, to laptop, desktop, and server RAM, if there's solid state memory involved in it, SuperTalent probably has a product to fill the niche. Today we'll be looking at the Pico-C Gold 8 GB USB Flash drive, a close relation to the Pico-A reviewed previously. Can this pint-size drive put out numbers to keep up with the big boys? Let's find out.

Packaging and First Looks

In a refreshing change from the norm, SuperTalent decided to use a black-and-gold cardboard box to house the product. The usual practice of entombing the product in vacuum-sealed plastic, while quick and cheap from a manufacturer's standpoint, makes getting at your purchased hardware into a tortured ritual. SuperTalent's decision to forego this nonsense is much appreciated.

Box Front Box Back Box with front flap open
Box Front Box Back Front Flap Open

Ornamentation on the packaging is minimal; SuperTalent wisely chose to let the drive showcase itself. Opening the box, we are presented with the drive itself, as well as a keychain/lanyard loop that clips on to the back end of the drive. Such accessories are usually of dubious use, but with a drive this small, having a way to hang onto it is essential. In fact, losing the drive is a real danger, as it is a scant 31.3mm in its longest dimension—barely more than the width of a quarter!

Box Contents Hard to photograph Picodrive
Box Contents Hard to photograph! A better angle

One thing that becomes immediately apparent is that this drive is no faker. Yes, that is real gold plating on the drive housing. As a result, this drive is very shiny. So shiny, in fact, that I had difficulty photographing it. All of the external surfaces are polished to a mirror finish, making this a very eye-catching little device.



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