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The Teac CD-W540E

In the Box

    The documentation provided is basic. It gives a generic overview of installation, and some basic troubleshooting tips, but it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the Plexwriter's documentation.


The CD-W540E has the standard headphone jack and volume control, and two LEDs on the front. On the back are the standard IDE interface, 4-pin power connector, jumpers (the default is master), and an analogue audio connector.


Clone CD Information

The Teac drive really does support absolutely everything, aside from DVDs. This should mean that the drive is capable of backing up most types of copy protected discs. The Teac supports Mt. Rainer right out of the box, so if you have any use for it right now, this is a definite plus. Like the Plexwriter, the Teac also supports buffer under run protection to prevent coasters, as well a feature which allows the drive to examine the media onto which it burns and evaluate how well it can handle higher speeds, just like the Plexwriter.

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