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Dirty Vista -

Author:  Matt Androski
Date:  2008.09.29
Topic:  Editorials
Provider:  Microsoft
Manufacturer:  Microsoft

Down and Dirty with Vista

vista hacks

All you hear nowadays is how much everyone hates Vista, but no matter how much people complain about it the fact is, Vista is here to stay. Mr. Gates and Microsoft have put far too much time and money into Windows XP's baby brother for them to give it up and mark it abandoned. No matter how you came by it, either being one of the few people waiting in line the day of its release, perhaps even paying an additional amount for a special signed copy, or perhaps you were an unsuspecting new pc buyer looking for the best deal... Whatever the case may be, Vista will be staying with us. Microsoft's team of lawyers made sure that every new PC shipped, had Vista pre-installed, even bullying hardware manufactures to only support Microsoft's baby, providing limited to no support for older operating systems. What can the average user do, but buckle down and make the best of it. Here are a few tips to help grind out the rough spots and show you what this new kid can do.


Step one: Protect yourself from yourself,

One of the best things about Vista is that as long as you play your cards right, Vista is very difficult to destroy. What this means to you is that you can truly take this baby for a test spin with little fear of doing irreparable damage so sit back, grab some Cheetos, put a pot a coffee on, and let us begin.

Before you do anything, take advantage of Windows Vista's restore point feature. Microsoft included in its latest release a fully updated system restore option, gone are the days of restoring a system to find the problems still persistent. Let us begin:

  1. Start > on the little search bar type "System" and as you type, Vista will search your computer. You will see an option titled "System Restore", click on it. The UAC (user account control) should pop up asking to continue, go ahead and click yes. This will bring you to the system restore screen.
  2. (Click to enlarge)

    restore vista

  3. You will notice two blue links one with some helpful information on how system restore works and the other to open "System Protection". You want to choose the later.
  4. Upon opening system protection you are immediately taken to the system restore tab. Choose create from the bottom of this tab. Name this point, "Tweak". Now if the world comes to end you can restore to this point and all will be forgiven.
(Click to enlarge)

fix vista

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