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The Resurrection Part II
Review by Shadrach on 05.01.2002


Windows.. Not the Bill Gates kind..

On with the project.. One window ordered and received.  

Window Package (19942 bytes)

Click the picture for larger image

The window kit includes:

  • One plexiglas piece in "rectangle" configuration, with rounded corners - Dimensions: 11.875" x 11.875"
  • Pre-cut window molding strip
  • Locking strip
  • Hole marking template (a washer that is used to trace around the window for the correct gap)
  • Instructions 

After some amount of thought, the decision was made to add something to this boring clear piece of plastic.  Since the Plexiglas is covered with adhesive paper backing to inhibit scratching during shipment, the thought was it would be easy to cut out a design and paint it.  Searching the internet was a good way to come up with designs that would work quite nicely.  The detrimental side was the amount of work that would be needed transferring a detailed design onto the paper, cutting it out, and peeling it off.  Off we go with the simple nuclear material symbol. 

The nuclear symbol was downloaded and opened in Adobe Photoshop.  It was then enlarged to the size needed, about 5 inches in diameter.  Drawing a black outline around the symbol and using the magic wand made it easy to delete the extra color inside the design leaving just the outline. The symbol was printed, and taped to the paper backing on the plexiglas.  

Using an Exacto knife and a metal straight edge, the design was cut out of the paper and transferred the cuts to the backing.  To keep from cutting anything freehand,  a plate, or cup of the approximate size were used to cut the rounded edges. Once all the cuts were transferred to the backing, it was simply peeled away exposing the desired shape.

The Paint Shop

Time to paint.  The desired effect was not a solid painted symbol that looked perfect, but a quick spattered spray job, as if some "I don't get paid by the hour" government worker sprayed the design with a stencil and a bad hangover. As luck would have it, the can of paint was almost empty.  Holding the can about 24 inches from the piece achieved an over sprayed look.  As the can ran out of paint, it began to spit and spatter larger gobs of paint. PERFECT!! Hung over government worker effect achieved! Since the paintjob would be on the interior of the machine, there was no need for clear coat on the piece.

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