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Megalaser Scorpion 120mW Green laser

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2006.11.13
Topic:  Miscellaneous
Manufacturer:  Megalaser

Megalaser Scorpion 120mW Green Laser

At some point in time everyone has likely seen a laser pointer. Lasers are used for a multitude of purposes that range from medical to military. Most people are most familiar with red lasers. Red lasers can be found in your CD players, toys, and of course in the key chains and pointers sold both online and in many stores world wide. Techwarelabs is not reviewing a red laser. We have in our labs the green variety of laser pointer. Green laser pointers are many times brighter than red lasers and have the additional feature of beams that are visible in low light environments. They are however, much more expensive. Green lasers range in price from $40 and can go as high as $2000 or more for the high mw (milliwatt) lasers. Megalaser has sent techwarelabs their 120mw to demonstrate the power and usability of their product.


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