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Gigabyte P4 Titan Series 8TRX330-L

Reviewed by Matthew on 12/14/04


Gigabyte's 8TRX330-L

Gigabyte has provided the labs with their ATI chipset motherboard 8TRX330-L to put through its paces. The leader in producing highend video cards teams up with Gigbyte to produce a chipset to perform. The leader in chipsets for Intel processors the past few years has been Intel. So to have a video card company compete is an attention getter. The main factor in the performance of a system is the chipset of the motherboard, (the traffic cop if you will of the system). The faster the chipset works to transfer traffic the faster data will get from the processor to the video card, memory, and hard drives.

ATI has produced the RX330 chipset to compete in this market. Though Intel is very seasoned in this area, ATI has developed a pretty competitive board in this arena. The 8TRX330-L board has some nice features such as dual SATA support with RAID, Dual channel 400+ DDR, 8X AGP, and six channel audio. Most of these features you will find other motherboards of the same caliber. The board specs are as follows.

North bridge: ATI RX330
South bridge: ATI SB300
Realtek RTL8100C LAN chip
Realtek ALC655 CODEC
800 / 533 / 400 MHz FSB

Type: Dual Channel DDR 400 / 333 / 266
Max capacity: 4GB
DIMM slot: 4

• Intel Pentium 4, 800/533/400 MHz FSB, Hyper-Threading
• Dual-channel DDR400/333/266, 4 x DIMM sockets, up to 4 GB
• Serial ATA: 2 x SATA / 2 x PATA
• AGP 8X/4x slot
• Integrated Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
• 5.1-channel AC’97 codec
• 8 x USB2.0
• 5 x PCI
• ATX form-factor

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