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Soyo Dragon KT333 Ultra
Reviewed by Akimoto, 05.11.02
Provided by: Soyo USA


Soyo really hit it big with the first line of Dragon boards, first based on the KT266 chipset and then based on the KT266A revision. The combination of a unique color scheme, high quality integrated peripherals, and topped by first class performance helped the Dragon see a slew of webzine awards. With the release of the KT333, Soyo took its time in releasing the new Dragon, and it arrived a little later than such motherboards as the EPoX or the Gigabyte. However, as the Guinness slogan reminds us, good things come to those who wait, so lets see what the new Ultra revision to the Dragon line has to offer us...


Specifications & What's in the Box

 - Chipset:
Via KT333CE/8233A for the Socket A

 - Processor:

        AMD Athlon, Athlon XP, and Duron processors

 - Memory

        3 DIMM sockets for 3 modules of 184-pin PC1600/2100/2700 DDR memory

 - Expansion

        1x master AGP Pro slot
        5x 32-bit bus master PCI slots

 - Enhanced I/O

        Floppy disk controller
2x EIDE channels with 33/66/100/133 support for up to 4 devices
        Standard/ECP/EEP parallel port
        2x 16550 compatible serial ports
        IrDA compatible infrared port
        8x USB connectors: 4x USB 1.1, 4x USB 2.0
        PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard connectors

 - IDE RAID Function

        Includes HighPoint HPT372 chipset with IDE and RAID 0, 1, 0+1 support

 - C-Media Onboard Audio

        Includes the C-Media CMI8738-MX chipset. Supports 4/5/5.1 channel speakers

 - On-Board LAN

        Includes Realtek RTL8100B 10/100 Mbps base-T LAN chipset

 - Smart Card Reader

        Compliant with PC/SC Workgroup standards

 - In the box

        1x Soyo SY-KT333 Dragon Ultra Mainboard
        1x User manual
        1x Installation CD-ROM
        1x Soyo Bonus Pack CD-ROM
        3x IDE Ribbon Cables
        1x FDD Cable
        1x Audio Expansion Card
        1x Flat cable for Audio Card
        1x Heat Sink Compound

 - Features

        - Jumperless design allows for CPU FSB/Multiplier/vCore to be adjusted via BIOS, along with DIMM, AGP, and PCI manipulation.
        - Supports Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality
        - Suspend to Disk functionality
        - Fail-Safe startup - CPU fan header must receive signal before POST

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