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Synology Disk Station DS207+

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2008.01.12
Topic:  Networking
Provider:  Synology
Manufacturer:  Synology

Disk Station DS207+


Every so often TWL gets an item that leaves us speechless. The friends at Synology have sent TWL their improved DS207+ to review and “WOW” what a product! For the Entrepreneurs out there who are looking for a solution for their small to mid-size business, the DS207+ is a device you need to take seriously. The DS207+ has so many features that will potentially save your company on I.T. costs that overlooking this device would be a real shame.The plus sign in the name of the device means the update of the original DS207, which we will cover later in the review. Most small companies store their precious data on a workstation within the office network which has severe draw backs, among these being no data redundancy and a single power supply. Then there are the mid-size companies who have purchased real server hardware with an OS, which to some is costly. With real server hardware you need to stay on-top of firmware updates and OS security patches which overlooking these critical updates may harm your business rather then helping it.

So, what is there about the DS207+ that made the staff of TWL speechless? How about RAID for data redundancy, dynamic web hosting with Apache, MySQL and PHP built-in, also Windows ACS compatible for data security, power consumption at ~8cents a day to name a few? Also since the device is a Linux based kernel, there are no Windows OS patches that need to be applied every month. The DS207+ has only one very quiet fan that is used to move air accross the two SATA drives and that is it. With this low amount noise and heat output, you don't need to worry about setting up an isolated cold room for this device.

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