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AMD 3800+ X2

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2005.08.01
Topic:  Processors
Provider:  AMD
Manufacturer:  AMD

AMD released its 4800+ dual core processor some time ago to compete with Intel's dual core processor line. Now AMD is releasing another competitor: the 3800+ X2. As its PR indicates, it is not targeted to be faster then the 4800+, but it was developed to compete with Intel's socket 820 2.8GHz processor. The reason for the development of a 3800+ X2 is for the consumer who cannot afford the high cost of the 4800+ X2, but still wants a dual core 64-bit AMD processor. TWL was able to get its hands on the processor for a week of testing, and with a few benchmarking tools, and a few games and applications, we gave the 3800+ a pretty good run-through

The AMD 3800+ X2 marks the next process in the X2 lineup, as it enters the lineup "before" any of the currently released chips as a 2.0 Ghz part. Although it may not be obvious at first, this makes perfect sense, and promises to benefit AMD enthusiasts greatly. The 3800+ X2 offers "midrange-enthusiasts" the chance to experience the benefits of the X2 without the heavy price point of the higher-end chips. AMD intends this chip to compete against the Intel 820 and 830 parts. We will be taking a look at just how well the AMD fares against its Intel rival a bit later on, but first let's take a look at the specifications of the 3800+ X2.



Frequency / L2 Cache: 2.0GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core (1MB total L2)
L1 Cache Sizes: Each core has its own 64K of L1 instruction and 64K of L1 data cache (256KB total L1 on die)
CPU to Memory Controller: same as CPU core frequencies
Memory Controller: Shared integrated 128-bit wide memory controller
Types of Memory: PC1600, PC2100, PC2700 and PC3200 unbuffered DDR memory
HyperTransport Links: 1
HyperTransport Spec: 2GHz (2x 1000MHz / DDR)
Effective data bandwidth: 14.4 GB/sec [8GB/sec x 1 HyperTransport link + 6.4GB/sec memory bandwidth]
Front-Side Bus N/A (see HyperTransport spec and memory controller spec)
Packaging: 939-pin organic micro-PGA
Fab location: AMD's Fab 30 wafer fabrication facility in Dresden, Germany
Process Technology: 90nm (.09-micron) Silicon on Insulator (SOI)
Approximate Transistor count: 154 million
Approximate Die Size 147mm2
Nominal Voltage: 1.35v
Max Thermal Power: 89 W
Max Ambient Case Temp: 65 degrees Celsius


AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ = $354
AMD processor pricing web page:,,51_104_609,00.html


Of course, being a newly released processor, CPU-Z will not recognize it, but will give you information about technology and support.

Click picture above for larger photo.

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