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Genius HS-04V Headset with Bass Vibration

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2007.08.13
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Genius
Manufacturer:  Genius

Genius Headset with Bass Vibrations

                Genius, maker of many peripherals, recently gave us the privilege to review one of their headsets that was able to deliver bass in the form of vibration within the headset.  They say that their headset delivers ‘authentic’ bass sounds with vibrations; this we will put to the test.

Bass is achieved like many headsets of this type through the use of an external battery container which provides power for the enhanced bass functionality. What makes the Genius headset different is the option to use a USB port to provide the power instead of using up an endless supply of batteries or having to recharge batteries often. The optional included plug assures you that you will always be getting the best added bass possible.

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