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Alienware M9700

Author:  Rafael Rios
Date:  2006.10.19
Topic:  Notebooks
Provider:  Alienware
Manufacturer:  Alienware

With the m9700, Alienware introduces its' first SLI notebook for all gaming enthusiasts. The m9700 that Techwarelabs received came equiped with an AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor ML44 at 2.4GHz 800MHz front side bus and 1MB of L2 Cache (we will discuss the specifications for the rest of our test unit a little later). Alienware's attention to quality was shown in the box and packaging they sent the test unit in.

. Within the box you find an Alienware T-Shirt, a leather bound Alienware Quick Start Guide to get you set up quickly, a glossy User's Manual, a triple fold Alienware Mobile Manual complete with a Nero Express CD, Microsoft Works CD and with Alienware's Microsoft Windows XP-MCE 2005 system recovery DVD-Rom disk with full instructions should you need to do a system recovery, and a driver support cd.

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