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Apple iPhone

Author:  Dan Shannon
Date:  2008.04.22
Topic:  Phones
Provider:  Apple
Manufacturer:  Apple

Apple iPhone


For most people in the technological age, their cell phone is their life. Since I have to have all of the newest and coolest toys, I went out and bought the Apple iPhone. Apple has noticed that people live on their phone and offered their solution. With an incredibly simple user interface this phone seems ideal for users of any generation, or level of technological know how. The Apple iPhone was the first phone to incorporate a fully touch screen user interface. Think size is an issue? Not to worry; The iPhone is less than 5 inches tall, less than 2.5 inches wide, and less than half an inch thick.

In the box




-Operating system


-Wireless data


-Size and weight





-Mac system requirements

-Windows system requirements

-Environmental requirements

-Input and output

-Power and battery


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