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DDR3 Week Round-Up

Author:  Jason Dumbaugh
Date:  2008.08.15
Topic:  Memory
Provider:  Kingston, Corsair, PQI, Super Talent, Patriot
Manufacturer:  Kingston, Corsair, PQI, Super Talent, Patriot

DDR3 Week Round-Up

DDR3 Week Roundup

TWL DDR3 Week Roundup

Ah, DDR3 week is finally over, but we can't stop here! Sure, we've seen today's new DDR3 perform, but with all these numbers floating around, how do you compare them all? We would like to step in at this time and lay all of the numbers out for you once more. You'll finally be able to see which each set of RAM is particularly good for, be it looks, performance, price, and capacity. Come along with us as we look back to the following reviews:

Real Time Pricing:

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