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Able Planet Clear Harmony Headset

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.08.31
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Able Planet
Manufacturer:  Able Planet

Able Planet Clear Harmony Headphones


About Able Planet:

As a part of Able Planet's mission statement they have the following " . . . to remove barriers with the use of technology which create solutions for people with disabilities." Most of their products enhance audio quality for people with hearing loss or speech problems. To this end Able Planet has developed multiple products and product lines all aimed at clarifying audio for all people and not just those with disabilities. Today we are taking a look at the Clear Harmony Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. At a retail price of $349.99 these are costly but have an impressive feature list.


  • Superior Noise Canceling Technology
  • Featuring Award-Winning LINX AUDIO™-a Hear the Difference™ technology
  • In-Line Volume Control for Easy Adjustment to Safe Listening Levels
  • Lightweight and Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for Creating Your Own Personal Space Filled with Full Rich Sound
  • Removable Cord with 1/8” and 1/4” Stereo Adapters
  • For use in Computer & Language Labs, Stereos, Personal Computers, CD, DVD and MP3 Players
  • For Use With or Without a Hearing Aid

You might ask what Linx Audio is. Able Planet embeds technology into their products which enhances certain sounds, tones, and notes which usually reside within the higher frequencies. Essentially Linx Audio boosts these frequencies to make their sounds clearer for the listener. This is accomplished while reducing distortion and undesirable sounds.

LINX AUDIO technology advantages

• Enhances sound quality
• Improves speech clarity
• Filters undesirable sound
• Reduces distortion
• Restricts electromagnetic interference
• Increases perceived loudness without increasing volume

The red box on the left shows electroacoustic results of standard audio. The red box on the right shows the harmonics created after embedding LINX AUDIO™.




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