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Dragon Lasers 125mW and 75mW Green Lasers

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.04.03
Topic:  Hardware
Provider:  Dragon Lasers
Manufacturer:  Dragon Lasers

Dragon Lasers 125mW and 75 mW Laser Pointers

Dragon Lasers which is located in China sells high powered green laser pointersand competes with several other well known laser pointer manufacturers world wide. if you are unfamiliar with the difference between green and red laser pointers please check out our guide here. Green lasers are not only many times brighter and more complex than their lesser red siblings, they are also much more expensive as a result. The benefit to green lasers is not only the unique quality of the color but also the fact that pretty much any green laser from 5mW and up has a beam that is quite visible at night. The higher the power (mW) rating the more visible and powerful the beam gets. Green lasers can also be seen for several miles. They make excellent pointers, level beams, and constellation markers.

Dragon Lasers markets the green series under the name "Viper" with the following qualities:

Viper Series - Green Laser Pointer

Let's take a look at the 75 and 125mW models and their specifications:







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