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Razer Death Adder

Author:  Rafael Rios
Date:  2007.04.17
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  Razer
Manufacturer:  Razer

Razer "Death Adder" Gaming Mouse

 The "Death Adder ”, Razer’s latest corded mouse is on its way to becoming a huge success in the pc gaming industry. At the center of this very nimble mouse is a 3G infrared sensor, that delivers an impressive 1800 dpi resolution, as well as the 1000 Hz “Ultrapolling” technology with hardley a 1ms response time. This mouse is equipped with a smooth rubber-coated topside that includes the two main buttons on either side of the scrolling wheel with perfectly precision lofted dips in the surface to allow for your fingers to reside-in without slipping, and large Teflon feet on the underside that enable it to slide smoothly across your mousing surface. Unlike other traditional Razer mice, the DeathAdder is tailored for the use of right-handed people which should make it a huge success as it fits more comfortably in the palms of right-handed gamers than the ambidextrous versions that have come before, and at a retail price of $59.99 should make Razer's latest addition a must-have amongst the serious gamers in the world.

Let us take a look further in depth at this new addition to Razer's line of "super-mice".

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