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How To: Installing BackTrack 4 R1 to a USB Flash Drive

In this tutorial you will learn how to install the latest version of BackTrack (BackTrack 4 R1) to your USB flash drive. Not only will you be able to boot BackTrack off of a flash drive, but it will also allow you to have persistent changes. This tutorial will also work for previous versions of BackTrack.

Building Your Own Home Theater PC: What You Need to Know

Today's growing technology makes it easy for us to build PC to do anything. So why not make one to control your whole media environment. Easily done and can be done for the same price you would have paid for any number of a combination of media equipment.

Enhancing Your Dual Boot System

After you created a Dual Boot system you need to know how to enhance your dual boot system. I will show how to by having both Operating Systems use a shared storage space and go over some applications that work in both Operating Systems. This will give you a good stable platform for testing or for just learning.

What OS, Windows 7 or Ubuntu? Why not both!

The ability to dual boot systems is nothing new but very rarely done anymore. You more than likely will never find a good enough reason or use for an average PC user to run two Operating Systems (OS). So then you might ask yourself, “Why am I showing you how to?” The answer is easy, to quote Sir Francis Bacon’s much used aphorism “knowledge is power “. I personally wasn’t very familiar with Ubuntu as an OS so I wanted to learn more. The cost of a second PC wasn’t justifiable, just to put a second OS on so that I could learn it for my own gain. So I went and researched how to install both of them on the same machine.

The War On Web Content

As a network administrator, content filtering is one of the most difficult challenges I face. Whether you’re keeping your employees off time-consuming social networks, or protecting your family from the dangers of the web you need a strong solution to combat the threats the open internet contains.

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide 2009

Everyone knows that a geeks favorite things are gadgets, gizmos, and pizza pockets. In fact its a well known fact that we geeks are all competing for who has the most and best gadgets. In the spirit of the holidays we have put together a Gift Giving Guide that should help you in making some choices for that geek in your life, even if that geek is you.