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Jetway Ecomo EM100BV Netbook

Tired of being bombarded with all of the netbook options this holiday season? Find out if Jetway's Ecomo EM100BV netbook should be on your holiday buying list.

HP DM3 Laptop/Netbook

When is a Laptop Not a Netbook or a Notebook? The answer is when it's the new HP DM3 powered by AMD's Athlon Neo processor. This 13.3 inch marvel combines properties of both a netbook and a notebook to achieve something truly remarkable. The DM3 has the thinness of a netbook, the resolution and size of an ultraportable laptop, the price of a netbook, and yet nearly the performance of a full laptop. The best thing about the DM3 . . . it does it all with HP styling. So is the DM3 the answer to consumer prayers? Should it be on your holiday wish list? Read on. . . .