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Enermax Aeolus CP002N Notebook Cooler

Testing and Results


Original temperatures without use of cooler

To test the Enermax Aeolus CP002N, we used our handy dandy MSI Wind U100. As an older model netbook, this computer gets warm when used to accomplish heavily dependent operations. Testing was conducted in a room with an ambient temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. We took the MSI Wind U100 that we had on hand and played a movie. The first 15 minutes was used as a warm up time, then we opened HW Monitor and let it run for about 20 minutes with the movie playing. We then let the laptop cool down for an hour and repeated the test with the cooler in place.


Temperatures after the addition of the Enermax Aeolus CP002N

As you can see from the screen shots above, the original temperatures of this well used netbook were around 82 degrees. Once we added the netbook cooler to the bottom of the netbook, we saw a drop in temperature. The final temperatures were an astonishing 76 degrees. This may net seem like a lot, but a drop in temperature by 6 degrees is actually a good amount. These lower temperatures could lead to longer life of the electronics, which is always a plus.



All in all, the Enermax Aeolus CP002N was extremely effective. The simple task of cooling the 10″ netbook was no challenge to the Aeolus, showing an average of 6 degrees Celsius between using the cooler and not. For the cost of the cooler it’s a good buy, but you must ask yourself if it is worthwhile to spend money on a computer that is only valued at $250.00 brand new. Also, If used on a netbook, you are completely defeating the purpose of having such a small computer. That’s right, battery life. This may be an accessory that you can use at home, but with such a small laptop, you wouldn’t want to take this cooler to work, school, or on the road with you. Still, for the effectiveness of this cooler, we must award it the TechwareLabs Approved Hardware Award.


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