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INWIN X-Fighter


INWIN X-Fighter packaging

INWIN X-Fighter packaging2

Packaging of the x-fighter is nothing different from any other case on the market today. Ours arrived w/o any damage. The standard plastic bag over the computer case with two pieces of foam to hold the case within the shipping box did the trick.

The box which holds the case was nothing out of the ordinary and with the plastic bag and two foam pieces to hold the case for shipment, did their job as the case arrived without is damage.

INWIN X-Fighter front and left side

INWIN X-Fighter leftside panel

Once the x-fighter case was removed from the box, the side panel is the first aspect noticed. The massive air in-take on the left side panel was hard to ignore. The inscription of x-fighter just above a loovered intakes leaves no question as to what this case is named.

INWIN X-Fighter Reset button

INWIN X-Fighter I/O ports on top

It wasn’t till sometime much later that I discovered where the reset button was located. Very unique location for a reset button, you can only imagine the engineer who designed this case had some fear of putting the reset button out in the open..?.. Another unique feature is the I/O ports located on the top of the case are located pretty far on the case. This was a little inconveniently for this reviewer as I put my case under my desk and getting to these ports meant that I would have to either pull the case forward or each blindly under the desk to plug in a thumb drive.

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