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iUi Design BeLong iPad Speaker


Portable Audio:

At some point most  iPad owners will consider the purchase of a set of external speakers. Weather these speakers are to be a desktop docking style or portable depending on the intended use. For those who travel and want the flexibility to take their music with them so that they can listen to a movie or audio nearly anywhere a good set of portable speakers is the only way to go.

The iPad was designed to provide users with a rich and fulfilling media experience. As such the speakers you select should provide you with rich fulfilling sound, they should be compact, well designed, and have a long battery life.  In essence they should match the qualities present in the iPad so as to compliment its use, not take away from it.

iUi Design would have you believe that their BeLong set of iPad speakers really does belong with the iPad. The specifications for the BeLong look quite good on paper and the unit itself looks to be well made.



  • Deep bass with clear stereo sound from a slim bar
  • Enhance your iPad Game / Movie / Music experience
  • Light & slim in compact size fits your iPad during travel
  • Special clip design for fitting different iPad protective cases and also fit on most netbooks and laptops
  • Long lasting power with rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Dimension: 190mm(W) x 37mm(H) x 25mm(D) / 7.5in(W) x 1.5in (H) x 1in(D)
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