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LiveLine IP Cameras & Web Service



AV2200 Static Network Camera

…………… av2200_2

Arrived well packaged with each component wrapped in plastic


The packages includes stand, wall plugs & screws,
network cable, and power adapter.

…………… av2200_5

The camera is mostly black plastic with a white
accent surrounding the lens


AV3200 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Wireless Network Camera

…………… av3210_2

Arrived well packaged with easy setup guide on top


Package includes stand, wall plugs & screws,
network cable, and power adapter.

…………… av3210_4

The camera unit is mostly black plastic with silver camera assembly

The hardware:

Each package contains the necessary power adapter, network cable, and mounting hardware to complete the physical install of the camera quickly and easily. Both units are a discrete size and the mostly black casing makes the unit less noticeable. Both units feature Infra-red (IR) LED’s to assist with low light and night viewing. The included power adapter and Ethernet (network) cable were of the standard length around 7 feet. The units do not appear to support P.O.E (Power Over Ethernet) which would have been a nice extra to include. The Av3200 unit is a PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera which means you can remotely re-position the camera left-right, up-down, and zoom (digital) which provides a wider range of view for the unit. The static camera retails for $129.99 while the PTZ camera retails for $199.99 with $11 shipping & handling fee for each camera. LiveLine monthly service fee is currently $9.99/month and is limited to 3 cameras per account.

Altogether both the static camera and PTZ camera appear similar to models made by other main stream hardware manufacturers.  AVC has utilized industry standard hardware, in particular they have chosen units that have performed well historically in the hands of users.  The main focus of this product is the online viewing web service called  The whole concept of both camera units is making setup of network cameras so simple that anybody could plug in the units then login to the liveline website – setup complete! The included Quick Start Guide consists of a single sheet with 3 easy steps to connect, power up, and access the camera from the website.   As you will see in the next section, installation and viewing was a breeze.

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