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Magellan eXplorist GC

Closer Look:

The Magellan eXporist GC came to us in a small box with very few accessories (batteries and a USB cable). The instruction manual was as simple as they come, with just a few pages explaining how to use the eXplorist GC.  Lets take a look at a few photos to show off what we are all excited about.



The eXplorist GC comes in a small box with an eye catching color. The eXplorist GC comes with very few accessories which make it appear at face value a very unintimidating device.

The eXplorist just needed the provided AA batteries installed and the device was powered on. The eXplorist comes with some preloaded geocaches which are very well known, so at the moment of the initial power-on, your already ready to seek out your first Geocaches without the need to connect to your PC to download additional resources to start using the GC. Additional downloads are available that greatly expand the treasure hunt but there is a cost as we will explain later.



The eXplorist GC shown here power on, shows off the colored display which is very sharp in contrast and pretty easy to see in full sun. The back of the eXplorist GC has a slot for some sort of mounting bracket (not provided) or belt clip (not provided).

The size of the eXplorist GC makes it easy to handle for long periods of time. The eXplorist GC didn’t come with a belt clip or mounting bracket, so I had to pocket it from time to time while hiking, which could have been an issue for the users with smaller pockets or no pockets. The eXplorist GC does have a small handle at the bottom of the device which makes available a place to tie on a string to be worn around your neck.



Right side of the eXplorist GC Left side of the eXplorist GC

The GC has a small USB port under the handle with a hide away flap, which “could” be a little better in our opinion. If the eXplorist were to be dropped in a puddle with an open USB port, the unit might well be damaged beyond repair.

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