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Monster Turbine Headphones

Stap a Boombox to Your Head:

. . . And all you get is a lot of sound but not necessarily better quality. Since sound quality is such a subjective aspect I will attempt to explain the difference the Turbines make. The Turbines essentially reproduce the audio of a very high end in home stereo setup with full size speakers. We compared the sound from the Turbines to those from the Bose® in-ear headphones and the Shure E4G and Shure E310 and found that the cheaper Turbines produced much better sound in every case.  As a matter of a fact all seven of the TechwareLabs staff at CES 2009 preferred the Turbines to all other previous headphones they had used.


Monster® Turbine™ High Performance In-Ear Speakers™

Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response
Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound
Monster sound isolating eartips in multiple sizes provide a perfect fit to seal out noise
Tangle-resistant cable design
MicroStrand cable for extended frequency response



The sound is so good from the Turbines that I found it difficult to go back to listening through lesser headphones even when that was all I had. Music from my iTouch exploded in my ears and I was actually able to hear subtle differences in the music and tones that I had previously not heard. While I was unable to find a full description of the frequency response and specifics on the Turbines my ears are telling me that they are quite good and much better than all of the other headphones I have.

The lack of specifications on the Monster Turbines is intentional it seems, as Noel Lee the head Monster has this to say:

Specifications? Monster Turbines are ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

So music lovers, sit back and relax, and enjoy the sound that comes from the advanced engineering, the care, and the passion that we put into Turbines. When you listen to your favorite music with Turbines, I’ll bet it will sound as though you were listening to it for the first time again.

Good listening, and may you always hear the music. Remember, life’s too short to listen to bad headphones!

Noel Lee The Head Monster

So lets plug these into our ears and see how they fit and sound.

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  1. I have these but just found out about the Monster Turbine Pros…

    Pretty excited for these. Thinking about upgrading.

  2. ^^worst interviewers ever- lol
    who put that guy on tv??

    earbuds and headphones are crazy bassy
    headphones have more intense bass and clarity though (rrp $300)

  3. Monster Cables and headphones are generally high quality products I know next to nothing about. These earbuds look amazing and I can’t deny the fact that I have never even tried them and tend to comment without thinking first. They’re just so damn crazy expensive seeing as they are priced lower than competing products.

    • Nothing I enjoy more than editing the idiotic comment of someone who clearly has never even tried the product in question and who is also clearly trying to shamelessly plug their website at the expense of mine with links to theirs. I suggest you take a course in web etiquette 1.0 and then return. It is a shame really as I would have been happy to assist you and your website otherwise.

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