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ViewSonic -Viewbook Pro

Closer Look:

So with a quick touch on what the hardware is within the Viewbook Pro, let’s take a look at what it looks like from the outside. Since this is a Viewsonic laptop, the screen on the Viewbook Pro is impeckable, sharp picture and bright.

Package pretty well for shipment. A/C adapter, battery packs DVD ROM

The packaging of the Viewbook Pro was pretty good. Our Viewbook Pro arrived without any issues. Though there wasn’t much padding around the box that held the Viewbook, but there was an outer cardboard box which provided more protection.

The Viewbook Pro has a very clean look Specification on the box

The Viewbook Pro is an extremely light weight of 3.61lbs and depending on the extra battery or DVD ROM drive or the spacer being in the drive bay, the weight of the laptop could be even lighter. The laptop case is chassis is made of a metal composite which is another interesting design feature since this metal doesn’t dent as easy as most aluminum laptops on the market today.


The CPU in the Viewbook Pro did pretty well in the benchmarks for a laptop minded, energy conservative processor. The benchmarks showed that the INTEL® Core™2 Duo ULV SU7300 did pretty well and using the Viewbook Pro in everyday type tasks the processor seemed to “come alive” when we opened a few applications at the same time and then noticeably it would go back to low power mode which kind of noticeable but not a speed that would render the Viewbook Pro useless.



Specs on the INTEL Core 2 Duo

Memory speed



Memory type is DDR2 of 2GB

Graphics card is a INTEL 4 Series Express

The CPU-Z provides us with some insight into what you are getting with the Viewbook Pro. The results show us that on a hardware level the Viewbook Pro have the video processor, RAM, and Processor that is powerful enough to get Windows 7 to really perform for you. Lets take a look at a few benchmarks to see how Viewbook Pro does.

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