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Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor

velociraptor Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor


Most of us take advantage of a fast CPU or a ton of RAM, but we seldom remember who sits at the base of our system, remembering all of our operating system data – the hard drive. While some may consider RAID arrays or a few high speed drives, RAID has its pros and cons, and most high speed drives get very expensive once they reach 74GB in capacity. Today, TechwareLabs gets a look at the new Western Digital VelociRaptor HDD. We received the new 10,000RPM 300GB hard drive and immediately began testing on it.

western digital velociraptor Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor

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  1. I am suprised about the timing of this review. These drives have been out for quite some time. I have been running a pair of them in RAID 0 for about 6 months with the Win 7 Beta and now the Win 7 RC. The performance and stability is amazing!

    • This was more of a transfer of the review from our old site. It was actually the old model. We wanted to move it over so that we could reference it in an upcoming review.

  2. Yes Dan(s). You’ll even notice this uses the old IcePak. They are great drives though!

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