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The average home user may be looking for a pair of head phones for the home PC to possibly game with, or simply listen to music or of course use while gaming. Up to recently that was all this reviewer thought to use them for. In the past while playing games like World of Warcraft, or any one of the Battlefield games, a player would be grouped up with others and were able to chat with the members of their team over game integrated team voice or other like programs like TeamSpeak. Presently IM programs like MSN Messenger and AOL’s AIM has a microphone option to chat with the users friends without the need to type to each other. Now large companies are getting around the expensive long-distance conference calls by using their interoffice messenger system to hold their conference calls. With this way of conferencing for companies growing, companies are looking to supply their employees with headsets which include a boom mic. Enter the PS5500MM from ableplanet.

So by far the most important point for this reviewer is sound quality followed closely by comfort. The comfort can’t be just for those quick calls or short games…. Who has ever had only short calls and a quick game session… anymore..?..

Package Contents
Plastic blister case shows off the PS5500MM Contents include the headphones, USB adapter and carrying bag.

The blister plastic shipping case is pretty common to ship headphones in which assists in preventing damage during shipment.

Specs carrying bag
The list of specfications and features listed on the back of lists a laundry list of features. The carrying bag is a pull string cloth bag with a compartment inside to keep the USB adapter seperate.


The ableplanet PS500MM is a very well engineered set of headphones to say the least. The sound quality is impecible and the patented LINX AUDIO technology is something to experience. The soft on-ear cups are very comfortable being used for long periods of time. So if your in the market for a pair of headphones with a boom microphone, you have got to check out ableplanet’s PS500MM. You will be impressed!!

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