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Altec Lansing T612 – iPhone Audio System


There are two pieces of solid styrofoam that hold the Altec Lansing T612 in place. On top of that there is a padded pouch that the system is wrapped in and taped shut. The wires that are included are placed into the side of one of the styrofoam blocks where they have cut out a little hole. Needless to say the product arrived in flawless condition. Altec Lansing wanted to assure that this product was flawless for the consumer.



altec_lansing_iphone_dock07.jpg altec_lansing_iphone_dock08.jpg

Included in the box:

• T612 digital speaker system for iPhone and iPod
• Wireless remote control with battery
• 3 .5 mm stereo cable (for auxiliary input)
• Power supply
• Removable docking adapter for iPhone
• User’s guide and quick connect instructions

Package Contents
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