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AMD Athlon II 255 and 260



The entry level processor market is an interesting place. They’re not quite as entry level as they used to be. AMD’s marketing strategy lately has been to undercut Intel in the mainstream processor market. As a result of this, the overall quality of “budget” CPU’s has increased. While they still may not be powerful enough to keep up with some of the latest Fermi or 5000 series graphics cards, they are more than adequate for HTPC setups or light gaming. Today we take a look at two of AMD’s new entry level processors, running on the new Regor core, the Athlon II x2 260 and 255.


Whenever we get a new processor in the lab, we like to put it through our battery of tests to check stock performance and then we like to test the overclocking capability. Let’s take a look at the benchmarks …… after taking a closer look at the chip itself.

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