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AMD Athlon X2 II 265 Processor/CPU

A Closer Look:

Our Test Rig:

Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard
OCZ Solid State Drive (Solid 2 Series 60GB
Tuniq 1200 Watt PSU
NZXT — Hades Crafted Series Case
Geforce GTX 280
Domino ALC Liquid Cooling by CoolIT Systems

Software Parameters

Windows 7 X64 Home Premium N
Geforce driver
All Updates
ASUS ROG Connect

Benchmark and Informational Software Used:

SiSoft Sandra


We overclocked the Athlon II 265 using our Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard which has a RoG connect port that allows us to adjust the voltages of the processor and motherboard in order to control the clock cycles of the processor. This tool also allows us to monitor the temperature of the CPU, North bridge, and South bridge etc. We have found this tool to be priceless when it comes to overclocking since it allows us to take a quick snapshot of the voltages when the PC locked up. Since the ROG Connect is controlled via a second PC the overclocked¬† PC’s vitals are adjusted and monitored remotely. Then once a sweet spot is found for setup of your rig, the settings can be saved to the remote PC’s RoG console to quick retrieval later.


Athlon II 265 Stock settings

Click on the Thumbnail for a Larger Image

Using the RoG connect console we recorded what the voltages of each attribute of the processor and motherboard.



Rog Connect 4.01GHz Rog Connect 4.17GHz

Click on the Thumbnail for a Larger Image

We tried a few different settings to push the Athlon II 265 processor and we kept hitting a wall at 4.17GHz. The stable setting for this processor seemed to be about 4.01GHz, and would freeze/crash at 4.17GHz. All overclocking was accomplished using a standard air cooled heatsink and a few hours of testing different settings. It is possible the Athlon II 265 processor could have a higher ceiling using higher end RAM and water cooling, however, this is a budget processor not likely to find a home in such setups.

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