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AMD FirePro W5000 Professional Graphics Card Review @ Legit Reviews

AMD FirePro W5000 Professional Graphics Card Review

AMD says the FirePro W5000 is the most powerful midrange workstation graphics card ever created. For example, it has the ability to process up to 1.65 billion triangles per second, allowing a designer to easily interact and render 3D models, while the competing solution is only able to process up to 0.41 billion triangles per second (up to 4 times less). Read on to see how this sub $450 professional graphics card does in some benchmarks!


“Priced at $448 shipped, the W5000 is a card that comes with the support and certification for the applications professionals use without the high price tag of the more powerful cards in the FirePro lineup. The W5000 packs 768 Stream processors with an engine clock of 825MHz. The 2GB of GDDR5 memory comes clocked at 800MHz on a 256-bit bus, offering 102.4GB/s of memory bandwidth…”

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