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Amped Wireless R20000G High Power Dual Band Router Review @ Legit Reviews

Amped Wireless R20000G High Power Dual Band Router Review

Today we looked at the Amped Wireless R20000G Dual Band Wireless router. The R20000G features dual high powered 2.4GHz 600mW amplifiers, with dual high power 5.0 GHz amplifiers and dual low noise amplifiers for improving wireless reception. Amped Wireless outfitted this router with tons of bells and whistles but can it really hold up to other more expensive routers? Read on to find out!!


“After using the Amped Wireless R20000G for a couple of weeks, one of the things we noticed is that the R20000G does have quite the amplifier built in to the unit. Our wireless tests showed that the Amped Wireless Router wasn’t the fastest in our battery of speed tests, but we did observe a pretty robust range of use. Amped Wireless markets the R20000G Router as a WiFi device that has tremendous range and power. While this doesn’t necessarily equal speed, the range that a router performs is very important for many users…”

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