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Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum PSU Review @ Legit Reviews

Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum PSU Review

In the past few months we reviewed two middle range products from Antec, the gamer oriented HCG-520M and the efficient EA-650, both of which were excellent products. However, middle range products are not what defines a company such as Antec, renowned as one of the best case and power supply suppliers worldwide; high end products designed to satisfy the most demanding of enthusiasts are. Today we will be having a look at such a product, the High Current Pro 1000W Platinum power supply.

” The HCP-1000 bears the 80Plus Platinum certification and therefore the very high efficiency is taken for granted; however, enthusiasts care about more than just the electrical efficiency of a power supply, which is not always an indicative figure of a PSU’s overall performance. Aside from the very high electrical efficiency however, this power supply delivered exceptional results in most of our tests. With such a ripple suppression and thermal performance, the HCP-1000 has little to fear from competition. Acoustics do spoil the otherwise textbook performance of the HCP-1000, which power supply remains relatively quiet up to 60% capacity…”

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