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ASUS F2A85-V Pro AMD FM2 Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews

ASUS F2A85-V Pro AMD FM2 Motherboard Review

When it comes to motherboards, ASUS is pretty much a household name these days. There are few that are as well known, or as reliable. Backed by a history of quality products with their own performance bar set high, they sent us out the ASUS F2A85-V Pro to play with. Will The ASUS F2A85-V Pro continue with the tradition of high quality products? Read on to find out!


“ASUS is one of the go-to brands for many PC enthusiasts these days, and rightfully so. Over the years ASUS has developed a reputation of rock solid performance and reliability. ASUS has set the bar high, and we don’t doubt that the ASUS F2A85-V Pro will live up to the expectations. The ASUS F2A85-V Pro is built with the latest AMD ‘Trinity” APU’s in mind in the Socket FM2 package. Along with the new FM2 socket, AMD also launched the AMD A85 chipset. The AMD A85 chipset brings with it a couple of added features over the AMD A75 chipset…”

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