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ASUS Maximus V Gene Motherboard Review @

Quote: “ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) products cater to gamers and hardware enthusiasts.  Many of these same people attend LAN parties.  No want wants to lug a huge system to a LAN party, it just is not fun.  That is one of the reasons why ASUS has a “Gene” line of motherboards.  These are micro ATX boards that are perfect for building a great LAN or small for factor system.  Many people think micro ATX boards lack many features that normal ATX boards have, but the board we are taking a look at today is a ROG board.  The ASUS Maximus V Gene features an all digital power delivery design in their Extreme Engine Digi+ II, a mPCIe combo card so you can add an mSATA SSD or a mPCIe card of your choice, ASUS’s own 8-channel Supreme FX III sound solution, CrossFireX and SLI support, and native PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0.  That is just the tip of the iceberg there are so many features in this board you won’t believe it is only a micro ATX board!  Read on as we take a look…”

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