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ASUS ROG G750 Gaming Laptop

A Closer Look, Continued

Overall, the G750 feels thinner and lighter than the G75, without losing a bit of sturdiness. As far as software goes, there isn’t much to say here that hasn’t already been said before. It’s running Windows 8, and the pack-in software hasn’t changed significantly. One change that can have a major impact is the addition of the Geforce Experience software to the graphics drivers. It amounts to a fairly exhaustive list of performance profiles for various games, tested across Nvidia’s lineup from the 400 series onward. If a game is on the supported list, the Geforce Experience software can provide a custom graphics preset that should provide as much eye candy as possible while maintaining a steady framerate. It doesn’t quite manage the best possible balance for every system; factors like RAM speed and capacity, storage speed and system load can all adversely affect performance. For those who just want to get a quick approximation of playable settings, though, it can save a lot of time. For the tweakers, the Geforce optimized settings can provide a useful starting point for further fine-tuning. One of the main tradeoffs made to lower the price with this model is the absence of a SSD, and the loss is keenly felt. Even lightweight applications take several seconds to launch, and putting the system to sleep can take over a minute in some cases.

Test System and Benchmarks

System Asus G750JW-DB71
CPU Intel Core i7 4700HQ @ 3.4GHz
Chipset Intel HM 87
RAM 12GB DDR3 1600 (Max 32GB)
Storage Samsung Spinpoint 1TB 5400 RPM HDD 8X DVD-RW
Screen 17.3″ TN Panel; max res 1920×1080 @ 60 Hz
Audio Realtek HD Audio
Network Wired: Qualcomm Atheros AR8171/8175 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Wireless: Broadcom BCM4352 802.11ac
Webcam ASUS USB 2.0 webcam, 1280×720 maximum resolution
Card Reader SD/Memory Stick/MMC 3-in-1
Peripheral Interfaces Intel USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 8 Cell, 5900 mAh, 88 Whrs
AC Adaptor Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 2.5A Output: 19.5V @ 9.23A
Operating System Windows 8
Graphics Drivers Geforce 320.49



PCMark 8

Futuremark’s new benchmarks take a different approach from their previous efforts. Rather than running one benchmark intended to cover all uses, they have a number of different benchmark suites tailored to different scenarios. For this machine, we chose the two most relevant benchmarks, the Creative suite and the Storage suite.


Of the comprehensive suites, the Creative suite offered the greatest strain one could expect to see on the system during normal use. Web browsing performance seemed alright, though there was some noticable choppiness during the group video chat tests.


The Storage suite focuses in on the system’s main storage, which is often the limiting factor in overall system responsiveness. As you might expect, performance here was relatively weak, due to the 5400RPM hard drive.

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9 Comments... What's your say?

  1. The G750 uses a soldered CPU! You can’t upgrade it down the road to an extreme CPU when they get cheaper. It’s a stupid move from Asus IMO. That laptop is already one of the heaviest, largest single GPU laptops out there, yet their competitors can make a lighter weight laptop with the same specs with an upgradeable socketed CPU!
    It’s worse yet that they haven’t addressed why they went with the soldered 4700HQ processor versus the 4700MQ.

    • danwat1234

      Stop banging on about soldered processors. They are all going this way now. If you want a PC that you can upgrade the cpu, BUY A DESKTOP!!

      btw I have noticed that nearly all sites that are reviewing the G750, you have cut/pasted the same comments in, do you work for Alienware by chance?

      • Nope I don’t. The G750 is very different from the G50VT that I have and it isn’t a good setup. Having to take apart the laptop to access the other RAM slot and the soldered CPU issue. Their laptop is very thick and heavy, yet a soldered CPU is supposedly to keep thickness down. Doesn’t add up


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