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Asus Sabertooth X79 Motherboard Preview @

 X79 has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues for quite some time, and with AMD not being the big hit that everyone thought it would be, Intel has gained a much bigger following than they first anticipated. Asus we knew would be one of the first to showcase what fantastic new boards they were going to release and whilst we knew the Pro and Deluxe would be available, we didn’t hear much about Sabertooth or ROG. We can now confirm, and after the fact that we saw it first hand at an exclusive Asus X79 event, that a Sabertooth board will be released.

We took a brief look at the Sabertooth X79 board at the event in a first look preview and also delved into some of the unique features that it had but a short set of videos can only say so much and we wanted to look a bit further into this board to see what it has on offer.

Due to Intel being extremely strict on the finer details, we can’t mention anything to do with the processor or the chipset, but instead we want to focus on the features and design that Asus have implemented, so for now, sit back and enjoy the Sabertooth X79 TUF series motherboard.



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