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Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Review

We have previously looked at and reviewed the Western Digital My Cloud EX4 and were extremely impressed with it, so much so we awarded it out Editor's Choice award. Now Western Digital has sent us their next model down, the My Cloud EX2 4TB (WDBVKW0040JCH). These two units are near identical in hardware, aside from the EX2 having two less drive bays, no display on the front, and a smaller processor(1.2GHz vs the EX4's 2.0GHz), and completely identical in software and graphical UI. With that being the case, rather than re-visit all the areas covered in our WD My Cloud EX4 Review, we will focus on performance testing this go around.

Thecus N5550 NAS Server Review

While Thecus offers products for large business to home use, today we will be taking a look at the N5550, which is targeted for SMB (Small/Medium Business). In the Tower (as opposed to rackmount) SMB product category, Thecus has NAS devices with 2 to 7 drive bay configurations, and these units will also differ in CPU speed and pre-installed memory. Also, since this is targeted for the SMB market, the N5550 has features such as iSCSI Thin-Provisioning, RSync Backup, and User quotas.

D-Link DCS-825L HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

If the stork has recently dropped by your house with a new bundle of joy and you're a proud (and soon to be exhausted) mommy or daddy, one of the basic survival items you will need in your arsenal is a baby monitor. Hands down, this piece of technology is simply something no parent should be without...especially if this is your first child. Now that I have stressed the importance of doing your homework before purchasing a video baby monitor, how about we look at one of the latest entry's on the market, D-Link's DCS-825L HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera.

Dark Rock Pro 3 by beQuiet! Review

Not new to the market, beQueit! has been manufacturing case fans, CPU coolers, power supplies, and additional accessories since 2006 and have become extremely popular in Germany and that popularity is trending in the same manner here in the states. The folks at beQuiet! put emphasis on performance "and" silence, which is not necessarily two things that go hand and hand in the aftermarket air cooler industry. Today we will be looking at their latest offering in their CPU cooler line, the Dark Rock Pro 3.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Illuminated Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Brown Review

We here at Techwarelabs have reviewed quite a few mechanical keyboards recently, and today Thermaltake has sent us their latest offering, the Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Illuminated keyboard. When I first received this keyboard for review, my initial question was "What does this particular keyboard offer over Thermaltake's other models?". Thermaltake is specifically targeting the budget minded gamers with the POSEIDON Illuminated keyboard. Shifting the focus away from some of the non-essential bells and whistles and focusing on the core needs of demanding gamers, this keyboard is promises to deliver the best bang for your buck if you're in the market for an illuminated mechanical keyboard. So, does the POSEIDON Illuminated keyboard deliver?

EnerPlex Kickr IV Foldable Solar Charger Review

We've all been asked, at least once in our lives, if you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you? Well if any of those three things are your favorite mobile device, then you might consider how you plan to power your favorite tech gadget on said desert island. Being "off the grid", generally means you have to go without many of the technological amenities we've grown accustomed too in our normal day to day lives. So are there any solutions for using these devices when a wall outlet isn't readily accessible? Today we will be looking at the EnerPlex Kickr IV, this foldable solar charger, which is advertised as all the charger you will need for your mobile devices (assuming there is an ample amount of sunlight available).