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Axis Communications M1031-W Network Camera


Security cameras are something the average consumer would see at an office building or your common store parking lot. These types of security cameras are usually close circuit cameras with miles of co-ax cables running to a central security office and can only be viewed at this one location. The next option on the market today which is a lot more affordable, are network connected via RJ45 which are nick named IP cameras. These cameras for the most part have been the standard eyeball camera consumers have been purchasing for years for their personal PC, but rather than connecting to your PC via a USB connection, these cameras are assigned or obtain an IP address on your network. So from your PC to access and view the camera one would open your web browser and entering the IP address of the camera and pressing enter. There are some IP cameras with security which require the user to enter a password to view what the camera, where others have a lot more features. Axis Communications has the security camera market covered from indoor to indoor/outdoor network cameras. Asix Communications has sent us their M1031-W network camera to review.  Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Functional and smart design
Multiple H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams
PIR sensor and illumination LED
Microphone and speaker
Wireless connectivity
Easy and flexible installation

Camera Dimensions:

Height 3.5”
Width 2.32”
Depth 1.35”
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  1. Even the Axis 221 network camera is good. I have it and I like it. I can easily watch my little daughter while I’m off to work.


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