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AXUS FiT 500 RAID box


RAID is very popular among those looking for the fastest possible, the most reliable possible, or both when in comes to their storage solution, but not everyone has the chassis space to pack 4+ drives for their RAID6, or just the two required for RAID0 and 1. That’s when you turn to a RAID box. RAID boxes allow for external RAID control for professional situations that need many drives for speed or redundancy, or both. They come in many sizes and many budget ranges, and are perfect for those that don’t want their main drive to be on RAID. Today, we have the AXUS FiT 500E RAID subsystem. This mid-sized enclosure offers 5 drive bays and easy RAID configuration through it’s rotary switch and LCD screen. We’ll play with the AXUS FiT 500 after the break, but first, here is some information about AXUS and the FiT 500.

AXUS Microsystems Inc

AXUS Microsystems Inc is the professional Storage products manufacturer — produces high reliability and cost effective RAID Storage products. The company specializes in RAID Storage Solution at an affordable cost, while offering superior customer service and responsive technical support. We have been in the Storage Solution business for more than 10 years, and we deliver top-quality, reliable Storage Solution.

As one subsidiary of ASUStek, our continual commitment to providing dependable, fast, break-through Storage technologies has retained a high percentage of large institutional repeat buyers, small/medium businesses, and multi-purpose media applications.

Thank you for your interest in AXUS products; we look forward to serving all your Storage needs.”


RAID Series FiT 500
Model number FiT500E FiT500F
Bay number 5
Tower/Rack Tower
RAID Level 0/1/10/3/5/PM/LARGE/CLONE
Event notification Buzzer, LCD, GUI
RAID Level eSATA/USB2.0 eSATA/1394b/USB2.0
Disk Interface SATAI/II
HDD size 3.5″
RAW capacity up to 7.5 TB
RAID Management GUI/LCD/Rotary switch
RAID Management Windows /Linux / Mac OS ( OS independent and transparent )
Power Supply 220W
Electrical AC Voltage 100~240 VAC / AC frequency 50~60 Hz
Temperature Operating temperature 5~35 ℃,None-Operating temperature : -40 ~60 ℃
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80% non-condensing
Dimension (mm/inches) WxDxH 140 x 242 x 208/5.67 x 9.53 x 8.19
Weight (kg/lbs) 3.88/8.55


Cost Effective Raid 5 solution:
FiT built with cost effective Hardware RAID SOC solution and most popular SATA Disk interface. SOC technology truly enforces low-cost and easy-to-use RAID 5 storage solution, and SATA Disk interface brings benefits from the high performance, large capacity and lowest cost SATA drives.
No more restriction:
FiT supports 48 bit LBA addressing bit that free of 2TB restriction, FiT allows high demanding users to store large data of music, audio and video files while many small RAID systems still locked by 2TB limitation. By overcoming the 2TB limitation, FiT extended the lifetime of RAID systems and disk drives significantly.
The FIT is designed to be compact from the outside, yet spacious and versatile from the inside. The HDD tray connects directly with backplane and an External FAN module on the rear-end side gives the FIT compact footprint.
Multiple RAID Level
FiT Supports multiple RAID Levels including RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, PM, Large, and Clone that can be tuned to the required level to support your application on capacity, reliability and performance necessarily.
One Button backup
FiT packs with one button backup software, PCClone_EX, offering an easier way to backup your data. By only one time configuration, RAID box will automatically do the further backup tasks when user clicks the One Button Backup .
SMART and Noise-Free Fan module.
With a thermal sensor and SMART, 4 levels RPM of FAN module efficiently reduce / lower the noise, provide a quite working environment for power-users, and let them to be more focused on creations. Hot-swappable Fan module prevents the situation of data damage from overheating Raid.
Hot Swappable Tray
This is not only for Simplifying Hard disk installation but also for preparing redundant data protection in Real-times.

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