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AZZA Hurrican 2000 Full Tower Case

A Closer Look

The Hurrican 2000 came packaged very well, though the box size is much larger than the actual case. When I brought this home I thought I was in for a much larger case. Luckily, I was greeted to what seems to be a very well made case. After I opened it, I noted how perfectly they matched the color and texture of the plastic front panel and top panel to the steel case. The style lines are purposeful and well executed, and it feels sturdy. Azza says the fans are strategically located, which is true, but it seems more like they just put fans everywhere. There are fans all over! And this is a good thing. We need cooling to protect our valuable components.

hurrican18 hurrican17
hurrican16 hurrican5
hurrican14 hurrican13

Something I did notice was that the doors and trays for the hot-swap chamber are plastic. I really feel that this should have been metal, or a least a very firm plastic. Luckily, this is something you should only haveĀ  to use a few times. The plug and play drive compartments, however, work perfectly fine, so no alarm for the overall performance of the chambers.

hurrican12 hurrican11
hurrican10 hurrican9
hurrican8 hurrican7


Installation on this monster was very easy, thought there were a few minor issues. First the good. The case is very large and there is plenty of space. It was a pleasant experience. I do like how the power supply is on the bottom because I always thought cases to be a little top heavy. I also liked the matte paint job on the interior (as well as the exterior) because of how easy on the eyes it was for installation. I’ve worked on a few glossy/metallic black cases and they weren’t exactly kind on my eyes. Now for the bad-ish. The USB 3.0 for the case requires you to plug it into your I/O panel. The numerous top mounted fans made me have to run many cables down toward the power supply in order to no be in the way of my over-sized heat-sink. Also, as I mentioned before, the HDD mounting brackets were plastic. None of those are major flaws, but I did notice them.

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